Letters to Lee

Critical Acclaim for
Letters to Lee

Letters to Lee reads
like the best of epic
Hollywood films --
glamorous, thrilling, poignant
and agonizinglyreal.
A stellar read!

Stage Door Canteen and Eagle

A wonderful love story.
I couldn't put it down.
The action and romance are
entwined so beautifully.

Proof Throught the Night


Edmundson shows what it was to be a young American raised in the Great Depression who matured personally and professionally while wearing the uniform of the United States in the crusade that was World War II.

HENRY G. GOLE, PH.D., Author                                                                                                                                                  On War and Leadership:  The Words of Combat Commanders from Frederick the Great to Norman Schwarzkoph , Soldiering: Observations from Korea, Vietnam, and Safe Places, and The Road to Rainbow:  Army Planning for Global War

A gripping and rewarding human story.

- DONALD W. BOOSE, JR., Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired, Author
Over the Beach: U.S. Army Amphibious Operations in the Korean War, The Great Battles of Antiquity:  A Strategic and Tactical Guide to Great Battles That Shaped the Development of War

A wonderful account of the Air War in the Pacific during World War II. Touching love story . . . brought tears to my eyes repeatedly.

LUTHER BREWER, Retired Physician

What a delightful book about a
war hero, his love for his wife,
and his life as an officer during
World War II. Throughly enjoyable.


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